A to Z Blog Challenge 2023 Reflection

And just like that, the A to Z challenge is complete. Thank you for following along and please enjoy the 26 links below to read anything you may have missed or a particular topic you want to read more about.

This was my second year participating. I truly enjoyed the challenge of finding time to write each day to a specific alphabet letter. I planned out what I hoped to write about at the end of March, but did not actually start until the challenge began. There was a time in the middle of the month when I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up. I am thrilled to have found time and to successfully complete my second year.

A – Author Journey
B – Beta Readers
C – Canva
D – Determination
E – Editing
F – Font
G – Gratitude…again
H – Hybrid, Traditional, Self-Publish
I – Imposter Syndrome
J – Just Keep Writing
K – Kindness & Kitlit Community
L – Libraries, Librarians and Little Libraries
M – Marketing
N – Never Stop Learning
O – Outline – Plotter vs. Panster
P – Power of Picture Books
Q – Questions…so many questions
R – Resilience
S – Sprints
T – Time
U – Understanding Your Target Reader
V – Voice
W – Work in Progress
X – eXactly
Y – Your Story Matters
Z – Zoom

Thank you again for reading and thank you for the likes and great comments. I hope you enjoyed the series of posts this year and look forward to the challenge again next year.

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