G is for Gratitude…again

G is for Gratitude…again.

In the A to Z Blog Challenge last year, I wrote G is for Gratitude. This year, I return to gratitude because it is wildly important and a necessary part of not only a writing journey, but in daily life. Like anything else, gratitude is something that needs to be practiced and modeled for children. As adults, we can show gratitude by acknowledging those around us and making a point to be grateful for at least one thing every day.

Weaving gratitude in to the A to Z theme of resilience, gratitude helps allow yourself to continue to be resilient. When you notice the small things you are grateful for, you are more likely to continue to keep moving forward in hopes of noticing more reasons to be grateful.

As an author, I am grateful for:
*husband, who has been supportive in this writing journey and also walked side-by-side in the process as the illustrator
*my own children and students for their authentic excitement as readers and listeners
*my parents, in-laws, sister, brother and sister in laws for their support
*friends, coworkers for encouragement and support
*55 sprint writers group who listens to frustrations, provides feedback and helps keep me accountable

The ticket to gratitude is to practice it and tell others around you. You can start by verbalizing something you are grateful for out loud to yourself. Sometimes a simple, “thank you for today” in the shower is a good place to start.

What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for?

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