Thank you!

Thank you so much for an exciting pre-order day on Saturday! The Kindness Machine is one step closer to being in your hands and being shared around the world. I was absolutely blown away by the support this past weekend. Each like, share, comment, text and call were so appreciated. If I haven’t responded toContinue reading “Thank you!”

World Kindness Day!

Happy World Kindness Day! Let’s pause and think about this for a minute. This is a holiday for every single person in the entire world! Oh! I just love that. On this day, I’d like to remind you to do something kind for others, but also to do something kind for yourself. This has beenContinue reading “World Kindness Day!”

“How can I help?”

I have had a shocking number of people ask me, “How can I help promote your book, The Kindness Machine?” First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Below are a few easy steps that would really make a difference. My goal is that this book provides a continuous kindness ripple throughout homes and classrooms aroundContinue reading ““How can I help?””

Meet the teacher, Mr. Wilson

I have been excited to write this blog post for about two months! I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Wilson, the teacher in my book, The Kindness Machine. I’ll be honest, creating the students in the book came easy, but I struggled to come up with a meaningful teacher. I knew I wanted theContinue reading “Meet the teacher, Mr. Wilson”

Book Cover Reveal!

Drum roll please! I am absolutely thrilled to share the book cover for The Kindness Machine! A massive shout out to illustrator and hubby, Chad Dankert, for taking this idea and bringing it to life. This cover is a little bit different because it allows for another question…WHAT IS UNDER THE SHEET?! I am askingContinue reading “Book Cover Reveal!”

Meet The Illustrator

I’d like to introduce you to Chad! Not only is he my husband and father to our two kids, he is the amazingly talented artist and illustrator for my debut picture book, “The Kindness Machine.” Let me paint you a picture…(see what I did there?) Chad went to college and graduated with a fine artsContinue reading “Meet The Illustrator”

Self-talk – what is it and why is it so important?

Have you heard the term self-talk? Self-talk is what you say to yourself, your internal dialogue. That internal dialogue is crucial for our own mental health and self-love. This concept is being taught in many elementary schools as part of school counselor’s curriculum. In my upcoming children’s book, “The Kindness Machine,” I discuss ideas toContinue reading “Self-talk – what is it and why is it so important?”

Acceptance Email

At this point in the journey, the children’s story is written, beta readers have helped critique it, it’s been professionally edited, and sent off into the world just waiting for someone to tell me something. As I mentioned last week, the waiting game is a true test of patience. I consider myself a pretty patientContinue reading “Acceptance Email”

Women In Publishing Summit

In last week’s post I mentioned attending the Women in Publishing Summit. This was a virtual conference held March 2-6, 2021 with a culminating finale on March 8 which was International Women’s Day! The conference had a combination of live sessions and prerecorded trainings. The summit was broken into fiction, nonfiction, children’s and general informationContinue reading “Women In Publishing Summit”

Tough Skin and Waiting Game

Take a moment to think about your favorite books. Whether they are fiction, nonfiction or children’s books, you are probably able to immediately think of at least one of your favorites. Unfortunately, you are probably just as easily able to think of some of your least favorite books. In this world of writing, it isContinue reading “Tough Skin and Waiting Game”