I is for Imposter Syndrome

I is for Imposter Syndrome. Just when you think you are in the groove….the dreaded imposter syndrome strikes! This isn’t something that only writers experience. It is effects all of us at one time or another. Imposter syndrome refers to that feeling of doubt or being inadequate, even when experiencing some success. Sometimes people feelContinue reading “I is for Imposter Syndrome”

G is for Gratitude…again

G is for Gratitude…again. In the A to Z Blog Challenge last year, I wrote G is for Gratitude. This year, I return to gratitude because it is wildly important and a necessary part of not only a writing journey, but in daily life. Like anything else, gratitude is something that needs to be practicedContinue reading “G is for Gratitude…again”

F is for Font

F is for Font. Selecting a font for The Kindness Machine was much more challenging than I thought it would be. I had read about the benefit of using dyslexic friendly font and knew I wanted to incorporate that into the book. A dyslexic friendly font is a little more weighted at the bottom, mayContinue reading “F is for Font”

E is for Editing

E is for Editing. There are different types of editing and it goes way beyond correct capital letters and punctuation marks. Some additional types of editing include: * developmental editing *line editing*proofreading *copy editing *content editing In 2020, my covid silver lining was walking away from the classroom and it allowed me to focus onContinue reading “E is for Editing”

D is for Determination

D is for Determination. I’d love to say that determination is the thing that will make or break a writing journey…but it’s not. It is definitely part, but there are plenty of determined writers, with incredible stories, waiting to be published. The determination itself isn’t enough. With that being said, plenty of people say, “OneContinue reading “D is for Determination”

C is for Canva

C is for Canva. Canva is an online, templated design tool that I used for the past year during my launch and marketing of The Kindness Machine. Using Canva, I have been able to create worksheets, social media graphics, business cards, bookmarks and more. To anyone who struggles with marketing or design layout, I highlyContinue reading “C is for Canva”

B is for Beta Readers

B is for Beta Readers. A beta reader is someone who readers your work before it is published and gives you honest feedback. No one likes to be critiqued, however, it is absolutely necessary while on the author journey. I believe there is a secret. In my opinion, your beta readers need to be peopleContinue reading “B is for Beta Readers”

A is for Author Journey

A is for Author Journey. Over 15 years ago while still in college, preparing to be an elementary teacher, I knew I wanted to write a picture book. Wanting to write and actually writing a book are two totally different things. What is a dream you have? What is something you hope to make happen?Continue reading “A is for Author Journey”

A to Z Blog Challenge 2023

It’s that time of year again where bloggers all over push themselves to write as they work through the alphabet. This will be my second year participating in the April A to Z Blog Challenge! The theme of this challenge for 2023 is Resilience. What a perfect word when I think of what being anContinue reading “A to Z Blog Challenge 2023”

The Kindness Machine Turns One!

The Kindness Machine officially turns one today! It is wild to think that it has been out into the world for an entire year and I am so grateful to each and every reader and supporter. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. My favorite moments over the past year: 1. ReadingContinue reading “The Kindness Machine Turns One!”