C is for Canva

C is for Canva.

Canva is an online, templated design tool that I used for the past year during my launch and marketing of The Kindness Machine.

Using Canva, I have been able to create worksheets, social media graphics, business cards, bookmarks and more. To anyone who struggles with marketing or design layout, I highly suggest playing around with the free version of Canva. I found that the free version gave me enough options to complete a variety of tasks.

I’ll get to marketing later in the alphabet, but for now, marketing is not why authors write books. Authors write because they have a story to share. However, how are people going to learn about your story without a little marketing? Canva’s templates help get the creative energy flowing and help create the proper size for a variety of platforms. Are you a Canva user? If not, check it out!

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