D is for Determination

D is for Determination.

I’d love to say that determination is the thing that will make or break a writing journey…but it’s not. It is definitely part, but there are plenty of determined writers, with incredible stories, waiting to be published. The determination itself isn’t enough.

With that being said, plenty of people say, “One day I’ll write a book” but it never goes past the idea. In a previous post I wrote, wanting to write a book and actually writing the book are two different things. When you have that spark of an idea, write it down. Then add to it. Keep coming back to it.

Determination is staying focused on the big goal or dream while constantly moving forward. In Lead From the Outside by Stacey Abrams, she wrote, “When you decide what you want and why you want it, take action immediately. Do not wait for an invitation to act. I promise you, the letter is not in the mail. Know what you want. Know why you want it. Know how you will achieve it. Then get started. Take a class, apply for a job, read a book about. But do something that moves you forward at a constant pace. If you walk away for days, weeks, or years at a time, it is not an ambition – it’s a wish. Wishes feel good and rarely come true. Ambition, on the other hand, fuels you for days and refuses to be ignored. It challenges your sense of self and fulfills your sense of wonder. So pay attention. And get to work.” I feel like we should all read that every single day.

What is a goal you have? How determined are you to get there? The A to Z theme of resilience goes hand in hand with determination.

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5 thoughts on “D is for Determination

  1. The idea to take at least one intentional step in the direction of your goal every day is something that I apply often in my coaching. Move forward. Not just for the sake of the goal, but the e positive energy and mindset that taking action brings. You can change your goal tomorrow but as long as you still have that action oriented mindset your good to keep moving forward.


  2. I think if someone is truly determined, they will take the action and make the steps they need to in order to reach their goal, such as writing a book. It all starts with passion and determination.

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  3. My goal is to get my books published and out into the world. At the moment I am a little stuck, my wee doggo Diablo, passed, and while we do have his sister and the smelly ancient cat, my heart is broken. I haven’t been able to edit, but I feel the desire coming back to me slowly.



  4. I keep flipping between two goals, depending on which one actually gets me to work on the novel at a particular moment. One goal is to be a happy writer working on a novel. That reminds me that life is about the journey, not the destination. The second goal is to write a draft that I would allow my brother to read. That one reminds me that the destination is still something that I want to reach. Obviously, neither of these goals is “publish a book.” I kind of keep that one secret from myself because it is too big and scary to be helpful most days.

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