“Teachers These Days”

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to be a superhero or a super villain. Most of us can remember a teacher who was influential in some way. That teacher who noticed a hidden talent or was encouraging when we needed to hear it the most. But, we also remember the villains. The teachers whoContinue reading ““Teachers These Days””

12 months. 12 authors.

For the past 12 months, I have written a monthly newsletter that goes out to my subscribers. Each month, I featured an author to showcase their amazing work. Please support these wonderful women by clicking on the links below to explore their websites and purchase their books. You can always request books from your localContinue reading “12 months. 12 authors.”

World Kindness Day 2022

Happy World Kindness Day! Exactly one year ago, The Kindness Machine became available for preorder! It has been a very exciting year, having my first picture book released into the world, and I am thrilled to have shared the book with so many students and families to start or continue the kindness conversation. I wroteContinue reading “World Kindness Day 2022”

First Author Visit!

As a teacher, I spend a lot of time in a school building. However, last week I spent time as not only a teacher, but as an author as well. To say that last week filled my cup is an understatement. I had the opportunity to read The Kindness Machine to each grade level, kindergartenContinue reading “First Author Visit!”

Z is for Zealous

Z is for ZEALOUS. Passionate and enthusiastic are often associated with being zealous. One way we can show passion and enthusiasm is by reading books aloud to children and letting the characters from the story bubble up out of us. We all love an enthusiastic story teller! In our house, a few of our favoritesContinue reading “Z is for Zealous”

Y is for Young at Heart

Y is for YOUNG AT HEART. Have you noticed how the littlest things through a child’s eyes are magical? A rainbow, a flower, the shape of a cloud, etc. When my son was five, he was playing in a soccer game, stopped dead in the field and pointed out a rainbow to his coach. SlowingContinue reading “Y is for Young at Heart”

X is for eXtra special

X is for EXTRA SPECIAL! Helping children find things that make them unique and celebrating those ideas is very important. We all have strengths, just like we all have weakness. If someone asked you right now, what makes you special? How would you answer? Too often we get wrapped up in the comparison game andContinue reading “X is for eXtra special”

W is for Warm-hearted

W is for WARM-HEARTED. I tend to write positive posts, but, “warm-hearted” feels awfully sappy. When I decided to jump into this AtoZ blog challenge, I researched different character strengths. Most were easy to pick a word, but W…W was a challenge. I initially scoffed at warm-hearted because it sounded too sappy, but then IContinue reading “W is for Warm-hearted”