B is for Beta Readers

B is for Beta Readers. A beta reader is someone who readers your work before it is published and gives you honest feedback. No one likes to be critiqued, however, it is absolutely necessary while on the author journey. I believe there is a secret. In my opinion, your beta readers need to be peopleContinue reading “B is for Beta Readers”

Lawyered…well sort of

In last week’s blog I talked about beta readers and will forever be thankful to everyone who read the manuscript in its early stages to provide feedback. The “biggest fan” award is currently a tie and goes to Jean C. and Tonia I. Their enthusiasm and support will never get old! Love to you both!Continue reading “Lawyered…well sort of”

Beta Readers Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, thank you to all of my beta readers: Pam, Ashley, Dana, Beth, Max, Brooke P, Sarah, Nicole and Marty. I will forever be grateful for your honest feedback and unwavering support.  Other friends that deserve a shoutout from the top of the highest mountain for their continued support and willingness toContinue reading “Beta Readers Part 2”

The Library and Beta Readers

One of my favorite memories while writing late one night that I never want to forget, happened when my son came into our bedroom. My son is the “King of Bedtime Stalling” and finds any excuse to tell my husband and I “one more story” before bed. I was in our room typing and heContinue reading “The Library and Beta Readers”