Random Acts of Kindness Day 2023

When I first began this writing journey with The Kindness Machine, I envisioned a kindness ripple. That sounds nice, right? One kind action triggers another kind action like the ripple of a stone tossed in a pond. However, almost a year later since the book has been released, one of the reoccurring comments from readersContinue reading “Random Acts of Kindness Day 2023”

Cardinal Rule Press Brand Ambassador!

Cardinal Rule Press (CRP) is a traditional publisher based in Michigan whose mission statement is: Through commitment to families and children, we lead the way in providing messages that empower schools, families and communities by providing inspirational children’s books, programs and events around those books. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have beenContinue reading “Cardinal Rule Press Brand Ambassador!”

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year to all! We do this silly thing each December where we eat all the food and drink all the drinks while try to manage the stress of the holidays, the lack of sunlight and busy schedules. The reoccurring phrase seems to be, “I’ll start January 1st” or “I’ll take careContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

The Magic of Being a Teacher

Before I begin, when I say teacher, I am not only talking about a classroom teacher. I am talking about all forms of teaching and impacting children: parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends, neighbors. It takes a village, right? I teach second grade. Second graders are seven or eight years old. Let me describe the averageContinue reading “The Magic of Being a Teacher”

Books Need To Be Windows And Mirrors

Last year, I stepped away from the classroom after 10 years of teaching. It wasn’t part of my plan. I was angry, frustrated and sad. Angry for spending countless hours last summer to prep for an unknown school year, frustrated for not spending more time with my own children, sad to not be teaching andContinue reading “Books Need To Be Windows And Mirrors”

Are audiobooks cheating?

Welcome and happy Tuesday! I’d like to start this post with the question from our title: Are audiobooks cheating? When I say cheating I mean, cheat reading. You’re not ACTUALLY reading, but it IS material from a book. So, is it cheating? I feel like I have induced smoke to billow from audiobook lovers earsContinue reading “Are audiobooks cheating?”

Are you a “reading stealer?”

Before I begin, I need to reflect on last week’s post about my hubby and illustrator, Chad. That post had more viewers/readers than any other post I have written. So you all loved Chad…message received. I mean I get it, I married the guy and I kind of love him a whole lot. I mayContinue reading “Are you a “reading stealer?””