G is for Gratitude

G is for GRATITUDE. Oxford Dictionary defines gratitude as, “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Studies suggests that practicing gratitude has benefits that improve our health such as reducing blood pressure, sleeping better and reducing inflammation. Studies also suggest that it improves our mental health including reducingContinue reading “G is for Gratitude”

F is for Flexibility

F is for FLEXIBILITY. This seems to be the word of the year in education. Due to staffing shortages, bus changes, illnesses, etc., we are forced to be flexible daily. I have never said the phrase, “…alright so today we are going to be flexible, here is the change” so many times in one schoolContinue reading “F is for Flexibility”

C is for Calm

Inhale. Exhale. C is for CALM. Why is it important to find your calm and teach children how to find theirs? Research shows that being able to calm down can help reduce stress, increases focus, boosts energy, etc. I really enjoyed this article related specifically to children. Read more here. To summarize, we can helpContinue reading “C is for Calm”

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year to all! We do this silly thing each December where we eat all the food and drink all the drinks while try to manage the stress of the holidays, the lack of sunlight and busy schedules. The reoccurring phrase seems to be, “I’ll start January 1st” or “I’ll take careContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Boundaries & Kindness

When you think of boundaries, what comes to mind? Do you set boundaries for yourself and do you modify them as needed? Boundaries can change based on different settings. For example, friend/family boundaries might look very different than work boundaries. What happens when you set different work boundaries and people start to notice? The 2020-2021Continue reading “Boundaries & Kindness”


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines gratitude as, “a feeling of appreciation or thanks.” Synonyms for gratitude include: thanks, grace, appreciation, recognition, thankfulness. Gratitude has been linked to happiness, stronger relationships, reduced stress and anxiety. Gratitude is something that needs to be practiced time and time again. I listened to a podcast by Sophia Bush when she interviewedContinue reading “Gratitude”

First book event

Happy Monday! Last weekend, my husband and I attended our first book event! We were invited to set up a table at a local corn maze. This year, the corn maze spelled out BE KIND. After the event, I found out that the message in the maze was to honor a young man who thisContinue reading “First book event”

The Science Behind Kindness

For the past few months, I have been researching what physically happens to our bodies when we are kind and the response it has on our brain and our bodies. It is quite a fascinating rabbit hole to go down and I will share the highlights here in today’s blog. I am not a doctor,Continue reading “The Science Behind Kindness”

Self-talk – what is it and why is it so important?

Have you heard the term self-talk? Self-talk is what you say to yourself, your internal dialogue. That internal dialogue is crucial for our own mental health and self-love. This concept is being taught in many elementary schools as part of school counselor’s curriculum. In my upcoming children’s book, “The Kindness Machine,” I discuss ideas toContinue reading “Self-talk – what is it and why is it so important?”