Z is for Zealous

Z is for ZEALOUS. Passionate and enthusiastic are often associated with being zealous. One way we can show passion and enthusiasm is by reading books aloud to children and letting the characters from the story bubble up out of us. We all love an enthusiastic story teller! In our house, a few of our favoritesContinue reading “Z is for Zealous”

Y is for Young at Heart

Y is for YOUNG AT HEART. Have you noticed how the littlest things through a child’s eyes are magical? A rainbow, a flower, the shape of a cloud, etc. When my son was five, he was playing in a soccer game, stopped dead in the field and pointed out a rainbow to his coach. SlowingContinue reading “Y is for Young at Heart”

X is for eXtra special

X is for EXTRA SPECIAL! Helping children find things that make them unique and celebrating those ideas is very important. We all have strengths, just like we all have weakness. If someone asked you right now, what makes you special? How would you answer? Too often we get wrapped up in the comparison game andContinue reading “X is for eXtra special”

W is for Warm-hearted

W is for WARM-HEARTED. I tend to write positive posts, but, “warm-hearted” feels awfully sappy. When I decided to jump into this AtoZ blog challenge, I researched different character strengths. Most were easy to pick a word, but W…W was a challenge. I initially scoffed at warm-hearted because it sounded too sappy, but then IContinue reading “W is for Warm-hearted”

V is for Voice

V is for VOICE. Using your voice can be a challenge, especially when we disagree with someone. As I have written before, we are allowed to disagree with each other, but we must do it respectfully. Watching grown adults argue like children is one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing situations to watch. Once again,Continue reading “V is for Voice”

T is for Trust

T is for TRUST. Having trust in others and having others trust you is an important life skill. We can teach children to be honest and trustworthy through modeling and communication. Often times, I feel kids are worried about getting in trouble that they start spinning tales. Having the conversation about being honest is key.Continue reading “T is for Trust”

S is for Supportive

S is for SUPPORTIVE. I will keep this short and simple. Support one another. PERIOD. I have written about this topic before and find I get passionate when people do not support one another. I get nothing from not supporting you and vice versa. I can support you and continue to work on myself. IContinue reading “S is for Supportive”


R is for RESILIENT. “Kids are resilient.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that in the past two years, I would be rich. But, are kids really resilient? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resilient as, “ tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” Kids are not automatically resilient. Like soContinue reading “R is for RESILIENT”

Q is for Questions

Q is for QUESTIONS. “Why? Mom, but why?” Some questions asked every day in a home or classroom can be exhausting. I remember when our kids were in the “why” phase and we knew it was because they were trying to make sense of their world but honestly, how many times can I answer theContinue reading “Q is for Questions”