T is for Trust

T is for TRUST.

Having trust in others and having others trust you is an important life skill. We can teach children to be honest and trustworthy through modeling and communication. Often times, I feel kids are worried about getting in trouble that they start spinning tales. Having the conversation about being honest is key. However, just having the conversation isn’t enough. Children need to see the adults in their life being honest with them as well. They need to know they can trust the adults in their life.

An incredible reading teacher in our district reshared a quote that read, “In August, your roster is a list full of names. In April, it’s a list of lives. And you’ve had an influence on them all.” Thank you, Jennifer, for this wonderful reminder of that impact we can have as teachers. Set a good example. Build great student rapport and mutual trust. Cheer them on and watch them shine. The end of the school year is quickly approaching and with it comes a mixed bag of emotions. I hope I have done everything I can for my students and always find myself teary on the last day of school. Each year, I am always so proud of our classroom family and having to start over again in August is filled with fear and excitement.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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