W is for Warm-hearted


I tend to write positive posts, but, “warm-hearted” feels awfully sappy. When I decided to jump into this AtoZ blog challenge, I researched different character strengths. Most were easy to pick a word, but W…W was a challenge. I initially scoffed at warm-hearted because it sounded too sappy, but then I read more about what it means to be warm-hearted.

Words such as kind, empathetic, affectionate, sympathetic, relaxed, filled with gratitude were among the many words in association with being warm-hearted. Well holy smokes. So many powerful words wrapped into a nice little package with one character strength.

We can once again model love and warm-heartedness to the children in our lives. We all know people who seem cold-hearted and as an adult, it is tough business to thaw that heart. Teaching children kindness, empathy, compassion will help create a warm-hearted child, and hopefully, a warm-hearted adult.

Click here for a list of books celebrating love and heart.

Photo by Eren Li on Pexels.com

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