Q is for Questions


“Why? Mom, but why?” Some questions asked every day in a home or classroom can be exhausting. I remember when our kids were in the “why” phase and we knew it was because they were trying to make sense of their world but honestly, how many times can I answer the same question? “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” is bound to slip out of your mouth more than once.

Allowing kids to ask questions helps them down the road. They will ask questions when something does not make sense or will challenge a topic to better understand it. This can become a slippery slope. On one hand, I want my kids to ask great questions, always continue to learn and wonder, but I also want them to not argue with adults or peers due to a disagreement. I feel this is when communication comes into play. This idea that it is ok to disagree with someone, but disagree…respectfully. You can ask questions and talk about topics you disagree on, but do it with equal respect for one another.

May the kids in your life ask all of the questions. May you be filled with the largest cup of patience.

Click here for a list of books to spark curiosity and encourage children to ask questions.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

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