P is for Perseverance


Perseverance goes beyond, “I think I can…I think I can.” Perseverance is an understanding that you must work towards something, even when you know it is difficult.

All children are faced with things that are challenging: math, reading, writing, sports, the arts, friendships, etc. If we are being honest, all adults are faced with challenges: work/life balance is a great challenge for many of us. It is important to show the children in our life what persevering looks like. We can talk about a goal we have and what we are going to do to work towards it to show what it looks like. We can talk about the feelings along the way to show what it feels like. We are allowed to tell kids we were frustrated first but then had a great feeling of pride when we learned something new.

I love showing students their writing from the beginning of the school year in comparison to later in the year. They are blown away by the difference between the two and it allows them to see that hard work pays off and ignites a spark inside them to keep moving forward.

Find your dream. Make a list. Persevere. Repeat.

Click here for a list of children’s books to shine a light on perseverance.

Photo by Visually Us on Pexels.com

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