O is for Open-mindedness


Where do you personally fall on the open-mindedness scale? When you don’t know something, what is your response? Do you pretend that you totally know or are you willing to say, “I have no idea” and then learn more. When a child has an open-mind they are more willing to try things that are hard and accept that there is always something new to learn.

As adults, one of the easiest ways to model this is when a child asks you one of their 1,000 daily questions, there is bound to be a question you don’t know the answer to. Tell them you don’t know the answer and then look it up together. Can you do this for every single question? Of course not. You can pick and choose a few questions that you can learn more about together. They will see that it is ok when you don’t know an answer and you will teach them ways to find it.

Click here for a list of children’s books to facilitate having an open-mind.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

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