N is for Nurturing


When I hear the word nurturing, I immediately think of sweet, kind, gentle old ladies. I think of intense patience with a sweet smelling kitchen due to fresh cookies or sweet breads. I am aware that this is absolutely ridiculous, but like a sweet cinnamon roll, let’s pull this apart.

Nurturing doesn’t have to look or smell a certain way. I believe nurturing comes down to giving your time and your attention. Picture books are a glorious way to show a child you care about them and help develop a nurturing atmosphere. Oftentimes while reading to a child, it is quiet and calm. A child learns to associate reading with cozy, bonding time. When reading to a child, you can not be on your phone or computer, you’re present, simply reading. You are able to give your undivided attention to the story and the child.

In elementary school, we teach students that authors write for three reasons and it is as easy as P.I.E. to remember: Persuade, Inform or Entertain. As adults, we can choose books that have themes of persuasion, information and that entertain. Children then learn that books are written for a variety of reasons and gravitate towards books in different situations. This helps build a love of learning and love for reading that they can take with them in life.

Click here to promote nurturing in your home or classroom as these books talk about feelings, compassion and love.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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