N is for Nurturing

N is for NURTURING. When I hear the word nurturing, I immediately think of sweet, kind, gentle old ladies. I think of intense patience with a sweet smelling kitchen due to fresh cookies or sweet breads. I am aware that this is absolutely ridiculous, but like a sweet cinnamon roll, let’s pull this apart. NurturingContinue reading “N is for Nurturing”

J is for Joy

J is for JOY. When I got married, I gained three brothers. Each brother holds their own special talents and brings so much joy to the family: the sneaky comedian who is always listening, the calm, introverted woodsman with fierce loyalty, and the spiritual guide with the biggest heart and love for God. Love youContinue reading “J is for Joy”

I is for Imagination

I is for Imagination. What words do you associate with imagination? Dreamer? Creative? Artsy? Out of the box thinking? Remember when you were little and a box could be anything…a boat, a car, the moon, etc. To me, I associate imagination with not worrying about norms or rules and simply doing. For me, I feelContinue reading “I is for Imagination”