C is for Calm



C is for CALM. Why is it important to find your calm and teach children how to find theirs? Research shows that being able to calm down can help reduce stress, increases focus, boosts energy, etc. I really enjoyed this article related specifically to children. Read more here. To summarize, we can help children by teaching them to name their feelings, model how to manage a specific feeling, actively ignore undesired behaviors, positivity reinforce appropriate behaviors, set clear expectations, and my favorite, reserving special time during the day to reinforce how much you love your child and have a safe place to talk about feelings.

For years I have set goals such as doing more yoga, meditating, stopping to take deep breaths, etc. I’d love to say I’m an expert, but I am far from it. Each year, I seem to get a little bit better at parts of those goals and I will continue to keep working on them. I believe being mindful and aware of how your body feels during something as simple as taking a deep breath is a solid start. I hope you are able to take a few moments today to breathe deeply, find your calm and help the children in your life find theirs.

Here is a list of excellent children’s books that help reinforce the idea of calm. Click here!

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

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