E is for Empathy

E is for EMPATHY. To continue our own growth on empathy as adults, I highly recommend The Miseducation of Empathy by Jonelle Massey. Mrs. Massey explains that the idea of “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” is very challenging for children with limited experiences to pull from. To ask a child to imagine an experienceContinue reading “E is for Empathy”


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines gratitude as, “a feeling of appreciation or thanks.” Synonyms for gratitude include: thanks, grace, appreciation, recognition, thankfulness. Gratitude has been linked to happiness, stronger relationships, reduced stress and anxiety. Gratitude is something that needs to be practiced time and time again. I listened to a podcast by Sophia Bush when she interviewedContinue reading “Gratitude”

Meet Author Rachel Tomlinson

Happy Monday! Sit back, relax and enjoy all of the absolute beauty in Rachel Tomlinson’s book, Teaching Kids to Be Kind – A Guide to Raising Compassionate and Caring Children. THIS is the book that all new parents and new teachers need. Yes, it is nice to know “what to expect when you’re expecting” andContinue reading “Meet Author Rachel Tomlinson”

The Science Behind Kindness

For the past few months, I have been researching what physically happens to our bodies when we are kind and the response it has on our brain and our bodies. It is quite a fascinating rabbit hole to go down and I will share the highlights here in today’s blog. I am not a doctor,Continue reading “The Science Behind Kindness”

“The Miseducation of Empathy” by Jonelle Massey

STOP what you are doing right now and go buy “The Miseducation of Empathy” or request it from your local library. If your local library does not have a copy, I will encourage you to request that they purchase a copy for the library. Empathy. We keep hearing this word. We see it on billboards,Continue reading ““The Miseducation of Empathy” by Jonelle Massey”

Books Need To Be Windows And Mirrors

Last year, I stepped away from the classroom after 10 years of teaching. It wasn’t part of my plan. I was angry, frustrated and sad. Angry for spending countless hours last summer to prep for an unknown school year, frustrated for not spending more time with my own children, sad to not be teaching andContinue reading “Books Need To Be Windows And Mirrors”

Mister Rogers

You can’t talk about kindness and not mention Mister Rogers. Earlier this year I had the privilege of listening to Carvell Wallace’s podcast titled, “Finding Fred.” I learned about the podcast through author friend, Jennifer Gafford, who wrote a children’s seek-and-find style book called, “Finding Feelings.” It is excellent and you can check it outContinue reading “Mister Rogers”