Random Acts of Kindness Day 2023

When I first began this writing journey with The Kindness Machine, I envisioned a kindness ripple. That sounds nice, right? One kind action triggers another kind action like the ripple of a stone tossed in a pond. However, almost a year later since the book has been released, one of the reoccurring comments from readers is, “What a timely book.”

Something has happened over the past few years. It seems that kindness has gone out of style. It is up to us to not only bring it back, but to intentionally help children learn what kindness looks like and what it feels like. We need to teach children to be kind to others and also to themselves. Adults! THIS APPLIES TO US TOO!

A kindness ripple is not longer good enough. We need a kindness wave. We can model kind behavior to others and ourselves. Children are ALWAYS listening and watching. How we speak to others in restaurants, the grocery store, random strangers while driving, and when looking at ourselves in the mirror, children are paying attention.

My favorite way to talk about kindness and almost any other topic, is through the use of picture books both in the classroom and at home with my children. Picture books are a springboard for discussion. Children can see themselves and others in the book and with appropriate pausing and time for discussion, they can put themselves in the story or apply it to their own life. This creates kindness, empathy and compassion. Check out the list of kindness picture books below.

I invite you to be part of the KINDNESS WAVE. A ripple is no longer good enough. Today and everyday, be kind.

How will you celebrate kindness today?

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