I is for Imposter Syndrome

I is for Imposter Syndrome.

Just when you think you are in the groove….the dreaded imposter syndrome strikes! This isn’t something that only writers experience. It is effects all of us at one time or another. Imposter syndrome refers to that feeling of doubt or being inadequate, even when experiencing some success. Sometimes people feel like a fraud, feel anxious or have self doubt when dealing with imposter syndrome.

One of the greatest changes you can make to positively deal with imposter syndrome, is to work towards a growth mindset. There is a big push with growth mindset vs. fixed mindset in classrooms. A fixed mindset is getting stuck and believing you can’t do something. A growth mindset is understanding you can’t do something…YET. The power of yet is a beautiful thing for children and adults alike to understand and learn to love. I love teaching this concept in the classroom because throughout the school year you will hear children say, “I can’t do it.” Their eyes will find mine in the classroom, because they know I heard their grumblings, and then they shout, “YET!”

Circling back to the A to Z theme of resilience. You must believe that you can do the thing that is challenging, that you have room for growth and that you can continue moving forward. I wish you the best when dealing with your own imposter syndrome and challenge you to work on your own growth mindset. Easier said than done, but something we all can continue to practice.

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