K is for Kindness & Kidlit community

K is for Kindness & Kidlit Community.

I am proud that my writing journey began with a story about kindness. It is the platform I am thrilled to stand on and hope that the story makes a difference in homes and classrooms. I believe that kindness to others and kindness to ourselves are equally important. I have been working on other manuscripts with different character strengths, such as empathy and gratitude, because I feel these concepts are just as important as kindness.

There is also kindness in the kidlit community I have found on line, especially via instagram. I am not referring to one specific group, person or organization. The kidlit community to me is anyone who reads, writes and/or shares children’s literature. I have found these accounts to be motivating and inspiring. With thousands of picture books published each year, it is exciting to learn about new (and old) books that help spark imagination, celebrate diversity, make us laugh with humor, weave in important concepts, support art through a variety of illustration techniques, and so much more. Finding other authors who celebrate writing and get you excited, can be a helpful tool on your author journey and to support your own writing resilience.

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