L is for Libraries, Librarians & Little Libraries

L is for Libraries, Librarians & Little Libraries.

A few years ago someone said they thought libraries would become nonexistent due to technology, digital readers, etc. I honestly can’t image that happening, especially when libraries in our area seem to be keeping up with the fast moving trends. We are fortunate to not only have amazing libraries in our area but they are filled with more than books. Computers, tablets, audiobook players, 3D printers, play space for children, story time for families, classes, book clubs, cozy reading areas, quiet study rooms, etc. I visit our public library at least once a week and am constantly requesting books for myself, my children and students. I am thankful to be able to share even more books with children because of our local libraries.

I want to be a librarian when I grow up. To be surrounded by books and read to children all day? To help children fall in love with reading and “travel” around the world through stories? Sounds amazing. Maybe someday.

Little Free Libraries:
Have you seen Little Free Libraries in your town? The idea behind little libraries are to take a book, leave a book. It is a wonderful way to positively support literacy in communities. My husband, kids and I built a little library a few years ago and placed outside of the elementary school where I teach. It was a fun family project and is always exciting to see children visit the library. I am very proud that with the help of so many amazing people, The Kindness Machine, was able to make its way into a Little Free Library in all 50 states!

Do you visit your public library often? Are there Litttle Free Libraries in your town?

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