50 State Challenge…COMPLETE!

In March of this year, The Kindness Machine officially launched on March 22nd. I set a goal to see if, with the help of my readers, we could get a copy of the book into a Little Free Library in all 50 states. I believe that LFL’s are a perfect way to promote literacy in communities. I am beyond thrilled to report that the challenge has been accomplished! Thank you to every single reader who placed a copy in a LFL and to all who shared the challenge information with friends/family to help spread the word. A massive thank you to the amazing list of people below! (If I forgot your name, please do not hesitate to reach out and I will add you to the correct state.)

Alabama – Tammy G.
Alaska – June & Steve
Arizona – Allison W. & Tiffany
Arkansas – Allison W. & Rachel
California – Raewyn S.
Colorado – Tom & Ginger, Don & Nancy
Connecticut – Carrie & Sami
Delaware – Corinne A., Leigh Ann H.
Florida – Dankerts, Nancy B.
Georgia – Nancy B.
Hawaii – Max & Beth
Idaho – Max & Luann
Illinois – Hayley B., Rhonda P.
Indiana – Megan G.
Iowa – Alex H.
Kansas – Jamie B.
Kentucky – Nancy B., Casebolt Family
Lousiana – Kaye L.
Maine – Blake Family
Maryland – Shelly I.
Massachusetts – Kathy G.
Michigan – Dana & Drew, Jean & Todd
Minnesota – Valerie M.
Mississippi – Dave I.
Missouri – Collins Family, Victor Family
Montana – Amber C.
Nebraska – Sara J. & Bethany
Nevada – Chad D.
New Hampshire – Pete & Kelly
New Jersey – Lisa P., Corinne A.
New Mexico – Dave & Tere
New York – Pete & Kel, Antoniette M., Valerie G.
North Carolina – Jess B.
North Dakota – Trina T.
Ohio – Shelly I., Leah L.
Oklahoma – SenseAbility Wellness
Oregon – Blake L.
Pennsylvania – Corinne A.
Rhode Island – Kathy G.
South Carolina – Kristen B., Jeannette S., Malcolm Family
South Dakota – Carrie & Sami
Tennesse – Christina D.
Texas – Hannah C., Carmen M.
Utah – Whitney M.
Vermont – Pete & Kelly
Virginia – Tucker Family, Alice
Washington – Shelly I.
West Virginia – Grace B.
Wisconsin – Colleen W.
Wyoming – Gail Irwin

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So, what’s next? Coming in January, I’ll be creating a world map graphic to see how far we can spread kindness around the world. Right now, the book is in Puerto Rico, the UK, and Greece. Let’s continue to spread kindness, one book at a time. Are you looking to see if there is a LFL near you or near your next vacation destination? Click on the LFL world map!

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