Q is for Questions…so many questions

Q is for Questions…so many questions.

Just when I think I have something figured out on this writing journey, I have another list of questions. I am not sure if I have ever asked so many questions about one particular topic in my life and there are hundreds more that I’ll encounter along the way.

Ask the questions. How else are you supposed to learn? Read books about writing/publishing/marketing, listen to podcasts, subscribe to author newsletters, follow on social media, attend conferences/webinars, talk to your librarians, etc.

Write a book. It’s just writing the story, right? NO.

Write a book then figure out how to:
write a query letter
how to pitch it
how to publish
pick a font and format the book
create a website
learn about marketing
create an email list of subscribers
be active on social media
and the list just keeps going.

Bottom line? Ask questions, be willing to learn, apply what you learn, then ask more questions. It can be a vicious and rewarding cycle.

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