X is for eXactly

X is for eXactly.

“Why do you write?” – This is a question I get often along with:
“Why did you write The Kindness Machine?”
“What’s the best part of writing?”

I write because it makes me happy. I wrote The Kindness Machine because our world needs more kindness, both to others and to ourselves. The best part of writing is sharing your story and having others make connections. When a young reader tells me their favorite part or something they did to be kind, I want to shout EXACTLY! I believe those moments when you make a connection with a reader are the reasons authors write. Even if you make a difference for one person, you have put something out in the world that has an impact.

Finding what is exactly right for you is the ticket. For me, at this moment, picture books are right for me. I had 5th grader ask me when I was going to, “take my writing to the next level and write a novel.” Haha! I’ll stick with picture books with important messages for now.

Like Goldilocks, you have to find what is just right for you.

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