U is for Understanding Your Target Reader

U is for Understanding Your Target Reader.

This is my 100th blog post! Thank you for reading and being part of my author journey! Here is a look back on my very first post, a little over two years ago, titled, “Introduction – why start blogging now?” I was so nervous to hit the “publish” button that very first time.

Finding and understanding your target reader is a key piece of the puzzle as an author. As a children’s book author, you have two target readers: the children you write for and the adults who are interested in sharing the book with the children in their lives. A picture book has to be appealing for children and meaningful for an adult to spend money on and be willing to reread 100 times at bedtime.

Regardless of the genre you write, you have to understand your target readers. After understanding who you are writing for, you then need to find the best way to reach those readers. This leads into marketing….and you all know how I feel about that. Children aren’t following my Instagram page to see images I am sharing about my book or others, but their parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers are.

Understanding your target audience is another thing to keep in mind on your author journey.

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