V is for Voice

V is for Voice.

Finding your voice and using your voice can be hard. This is something I am continuing to work on. I use to rarely disagree and challenge people even less. I am learning to find my voice and use it. I still wish I was able to think of things faster in the moment, but maybe with practice that’ll come.

Authors have the opportunity to use their voice through their written work. I love using picture books as a spring board for conversation in my home and classroom. Picture books can cover a wide range of topics and offer opportunities to extend the conversation beyond the printed pages. For example, this week is Disability Book Week. The goal is to select books that shine a light on a main character with a different ability. In the classroom this week, we have read several books published by authors of different abilities who use their own personal story as inspiration. They are using their voice and sharing their story through the medium of picture books.

Find your voice. Use your voice.

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