N is for Never Stop Learning

N is for Never Stop Learning.

The idea of “knowing everything” becomes more and more of a joke as I get older. You learn more and become wiser through experience, but there is a never ending amount of information that one person can not simply “know everything.”

And that’s fine.

Understanding that we don’t know everything, having the willingness to learn and then change/grow is the trick. I love telling my students that I don’t know the answer to a question but that I will look it up. This shows that as an adult, I can continue to learn. Whether you grow from reading a book, listening to a podcast, attending a workshop, talking to a professional in the field, reading the paper, etc., continue to challenge yourself. Ask questions and find answers. Be ok with the idea that if you learn a new piece of information, you might change your original line of thinking. Don’t be so stubborn that you continue to dig your heal in just because you don’t want to be wrong.

Never stop learning.

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