S is for Sprints

S is for Sprints.

This sprint requires no running. I am referring to writing sprints. I have been fortunate enough to be part of an amazing group of writers, all over the US and Canada, who have met via Zoom for the past two years. We meet to share our wins, share our frustrations and ask for advice, and then write.

Sprint writing is a dedicated time to simply write. After sharing with one another, we all turn off microphones and cameras and get to work. We write for 55 minutes and then come back and share what we accomplished. It is really nice having a set time because it helps me stay super focused because it is timed. I appreciate the camaraderie with the other writers and the accountability to having set writing time. We have a variety of writing times to help with different time zones and life schedules. I always feel so motivated after joining and carving out the time for more learning and writing. I love seeing other authors projects evolve over the years and we are always celebrating someone for an accomplishment.

Have you every participated in a sprint writing session? Whether you have a schedule time with other writers or just yourself, find time to get your ideas down on paper or typed into a document. Ahh…time. That will be the next topic.

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