“Teacher May”

May is an interesting month as a teacher. There’s an extra buzz in the classroom and building. There are field trips, carnivals, field day, picnics and extra time outside.

Each year, the 20 some students become part of my family. I refer to them as “my kids”. Some years are more challenging than others but each year contains something special.

This has been a very special group of children. They are funny, kind, helpful and have an incredible desire to learn. Yes, I am excited about summer to enjoy time with my family and lean into full mom-mode. However, I am not quite ready to send this group on. Don’t get me wrong, they are ready and will absolutely rock third grade…I’m not ready.

The hardest part of teaching is that you have 9 months. 9 months to build rapport. 9 months to teach all of the academics. 9 months to build a classroom family. 9 months to instill core values like kindness, empathy and compassion. There are days that 9 months seems like it will take forever and others when time seems to be a thief. After those 9 months…you have to start over. It’s amazing what is able to be accomplished in 9 months and it is a blessing and a curse to start all over again each August.

I am wishing all of the teachers an enjoyable last few week or weeks with “your kids”. I am wishing you a refreshing and rejuvenating summer so that you are ready to start all over again with a new classroom family.

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