Thank you!

It has been a very exciting week post book launch! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of The Kindness Machine, who shared with friends/family and all who sent kind messages. This book launch has been something I have dreamed about for years and it did not disappoint. I am very grateful to have so much support from friends, family, coworkers and strangers across the country. The day began with an adorable yard sign from friends, a book reading to my class, students drawing the machine, an interview with a local news station, cake from my sister, cookies from my writing tribe and champagne from my husband. The launch day was topped off with a Zoom book launch where all of my worlds collided: family, friends, coworkers, my writing tribe, friends from junior high/high school, and college roommates. I will forever be grateful to end the night with laughter and happy tears.

Did you catch the launch day interview? My heart was racing but I couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you WTOL 11 for the opportunity to capture this moment for me. Click here to watch!

We know as consumers that we rely on reviews and customer feedback. If you have read the book, I look forward to reading your review on Amazon. Thank you so much!

So far The Kindness Machine has made it to 9 states via Free Little Libraries: California, Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont and Washington. A HUGE thank you to Raewyn S., Nancy B., Hayley B., Pete & Kelly, Blake & Scott, Shelly I., and Kim M. and Family. Want to participate and learn more about this 50 state challenge? Continue reading here! The book is also in Canada, the UK and Puerto Rico! Thank you to Caroline R., Phillipa W. and Zach F.

Thank you again and let’s continue to spread kindness one book at a time!

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3 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. You did a fantastic job with this interview. You look very comfortable while doing the presentation and I love your description of the book. Congrats!


  2. I do have to make a comment though. Following your interview, the newscaster brings up Will Smith and what happened at the Oscars…………He probably hasn’t read your book yet.


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