1 Book. 50 States. Sharing Kindness.

If you have been reading for awhile, you know that I LOVE Free Little Libraries. In 2019, my husband, kids and I built a little library that is in front of the elementary school where I teach. My goal is to have The Kindness Machine in one little library, in all 50 states by May 17. May 17 is the Free Little Library’s official birthday and this seems like a perfect way to celebrate!

I am inviting you to help spread kindness in a simple and beautiful way:
1. Purchase a copy of The Kindness Machine.
2. Pop it in a Free Little Library in your area or while on vacation.
3. Take a picture. Post it with the name of the state and #thekindnessmachine.

Are you going out of town for spring break or an upcoming vacation? Use this link to find a Free Little Library near you or your next vacation destination: https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/

What if you live in another country? I absolutely invite you to complete this challenge. I am giggling just thinking about this book being all over the world. Remember to take a picture, post it with your country’s name and use the hashtag #thekindnessmachine.

Fun Fact: The image below includes a close up of the little library that can be found on the very first spread of The Kindness Machine. When I read this to my students, a second grader yelled, “Hey! They have a little library like we do!”

I encourage you to share this post and the graphic below. You can also find the graphic for easy sharing on my instagram page. https://instagram.com/christina.dankert

Let’s spread kindness. One book at a time!

I give you permission to share this graphic.

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