AtoZ Blog Challenge

This year I am participating in the April AtoZ Blog Challenge! I read several AtoZ posts last year, but could not even fathom writing that many posts a year ago. However, my writing friend, Antoinette, is participating again and has encouraged me to give it a try!

The theme of this official challenge for 2022 is ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS, AND THE DUALITY OF 22. For the past year, my blog has been titled, “Turning A Dream Into A Reality” and my debut picture book, The Kindness Machine, releases on March 22. This sure feels like a sign.

Beginning April 1st, my blog posts will follow my chosen theme of “AtoZ…Uniquely You.” This set of posts will focus on character strengths, positivity, children’s literature and of course, kindness. I am nervous and excited to attempt this challenge. As a reader, I hope you enjoy coming along on this ride. Are you a writer looking for a challenge? Click the image below! I’d love to read your posts!

Would you like to participate as a writer? Click on the image below!

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