A is for Authentic

I announced a few weeks ago that I would be participating in the AtoZ Blog Challenge. The theme of this official challenge for 2022 is ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS, AND THE DUALITY OF 22. For the past year, my blog has been titled, “Turning A Dream Into A Reality” and my debut picture book, The Kindness Machine, released on March 22. This sure feels like a sign. Starting today my blog posts will follow my chosen theme of “AtoZ…Uniquely You.” This set of posts will focus on character strengths, positivity, children’s literature and of course, kindness. I will blog each day in April, except on Sundays.

A is for AUTHENTIC. Show up each and every day and be authentically you. Why is this so challenging sometimes? One of the gifts I hope my husband and I can give our children is for them to truly be themselves and love themselves each day. There are days when things are hard and days where we face imposter syndrome, fear, insecurity and that is all part of the journey. I hope we can teach them to work through those challenges while being themselves instead of morphing to fit certain groups or situations. My husband and I have often referred to that as “chameleon syndrome.” We all can change and adapt at times but doing it because we think we HAVE to is the difference.

So what makes you, you? What do you love about yourself? What do you hope to work on in the future to continue to allow yourself to become the best version of yourself?

Here is a great list of books to help children to embrace their uniqueness and be authentically themselves. Click here!

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