L is for Love

L is for LOVE.

The way love looks and feels is different for everyone. As a parent, it is so important to me that my children know that my husband and I love them, fiercely and unconditionally…but with rules. As a teacher, I want my students to love coming to school. To know that I care about them and truly want them to succeed.

We also need children to understand that they do not need to show love in one specific way, example hugging. Recently I read, “Don’t Hug Doug: (He Doesn’t Like It”) by Carrie Finison to my students. We had a wonderful conversation as students shared whether they did or did not like hugs. There was not a right or wrong answer, it simply came down to what made a child comfortable. It was interesting for the “huggers” to understand ‘ohhhh so THAT’S why so and so doesn’t like when I hug them on the playground’ or ‘oohhh that’s why I should ask if someone wants a hug.’ On the flip side, the “non-huggers” understood ‘oohhhh this is how they show love and excitement!’

Every family is different. Every child is different. What love looks like in one family may be different and beautiful in another. I believe there is not one correct way to show love. Love is love.

Click here for a great list of children’s book to highlight love in a variety ways.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

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