Apparently We Can’t Stop KINDNESS!

The Kindness Machine officially launches on March 22, 2022. BUT! It has a mind of its own! Yesterday a few people started receiving their preorder copies and I absolutely love it! We can’t stop kindness!

If you were one of the lucky early birds, please STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LISTEN! I hope you love it. I hope you share it with the children in your life and tell your friends, family, teachers, and counselors about it. Please take a minute and put a note in your phone or on your calendar for March 22 that says, “Leave an Amazon review for The Kindness Machine.”

Can’t. Stop. Kindness.

I think this needs to be our motto for the rest of the year. When I say “our” motto, I mean you and me. You as the reader and me as the author. Let’s work together and spread kindness where ever we go. The Kindness Machine allows for the kindness conversation to continue, or maybe even to begin.

My best friend, and one of the inspirations behind the teacher in the book, alerted me that he received his copies early. I thought maybe someone realized that the teacher from the book looked exactly like him and thought he needed dibs on the first copies! He said, “It is a great chance to be kind to yourself and others when mistakes happen.” You see why he is in the book, right? That sounded like something Mr. Rogers would have said and is a message we should all read again.

Maybe the world knew we couldn’t wait until March, and that we needed a few copies delivered early to start this kindness ripple. Maybe the world knew that children and adults need this simple but crucial reminder to be kind. Maybe the world knew that we needed to see that being kind to others is equally as important as being kind to ourselves. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled to see that the book is already being loved and read. Please post about the book on social media and use the hashtag: #thekindnessmachine.

Can’t. Stop. Kindness.

Are you an early bird reader and want to tell the world about the book right now!? Head on over to Goodreads and share your thoughts. I read every review and I look forward to reading yours.

Can’t. Stop. Kindness.

Still looking to preorder your copy and possibly receive it before March 22?! Visit my website and click the button where you would like to purchase it from. The list of bookstores ordering the book is growing. Do you have a favorite local bookstore? Call or stop in and ask them to carry The Kindness Machine.

Make today the perfect day to spread kindness. Thank you for reading, for cheerleading, for sharing, and for supporting.

Can’t. Stop. Kindness.

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