Being Kind vs. Being Weak

When you think of kindness, what comes to mind? Do you associate kindness with being passive, compliant or weak? Unfortunately, kindness and weakness are too often grouped together. You can be kind while still using your voice and maintaining your boundaries. Part of that includes being kind to yourself in order to hold your ground. You can not constantly give without ever taking a moment for yourself, your family, or the things you enjoy.

What happens when you use your voice and people disagree with you? Wonderful… keep having the conversations. Not everyone has to agree with you, but you also do not need to agree with everyone else just because you are afraid of making someone upset. You are allowed to challenge, respectfully. You are allowed to share your ideas, peaceful. You are allowed to use your voice to show yourself kindness and stand up for what you believe in. You are not weak because you are kind. You are strong because you kindly use your voice to honor and respect others and yourself.

This is a two-way street: when you disagree with someone else who is using their voice, don’t assume they are doing it just to rev you up. Let them share their ideas and honor that they are having the opportunity to use their voice, then have a discussion. I’ll be honest, I really dislike confrontation. However, I have found that when I ask a question about something that is bothering me or speak up early when I disagree, the problem gets solved so much faster than me sitting and stewing on it.

Today we honor and remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A man who used his voice peacefully to fight for what he believed. Today I encourage you to be kind to yourself and be confident to use your voice.

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