Book Cover Reveal!

Drum roll please! I am absolutely thrilled to share the book cover for The Kindness Machine! A massive shout out to illustrator and hubby, Chad Dankert, for taking this idea and bringing it to life.

The Kindness Machine
Written by: Christina Dankert
Illustrated by: Chad Dankert

This cover is a little bit different because it allows for another question…WHAT IS UNDER THE SHEET?! I am asking for your help, for a chance to win a copy of the book! Please encourage the children in your life, ages 4-15, to submit a drawing of what they think is under the sheet. To promote creativity and their imagination, ask them what they think the rest of the machine looks like? What do they think the machine does? Please submit drawings to me through Instagram @christina.dankert and use the hashtag #thekindnessmachine. If you are not an instagram user, please email at I am so excited to see children’s imagination through their drawings.

Since you all love Chad, as proved by previous blog posts, let’s circle back to him. I have very little artistic ability. Chad says I’m not supposed to say that and that anyone can learn how to create, draw, paint, etc. But for real…after drawing something my second grade students end up asking me, “Did you try your best Mrs. Dankert?” Chad was able to listen to me babble and ramble about this cover idea. I really couldn’t quite envision it until he showed me and said, “Like this?” I am beyond thankful to have him by my side on this adventure. The hours he is pouring into this book and his attention to detail is incredible.

I hope you love this book cover as much as we do. I really hope it sparks your own imagination to wonder what the rest of the machine looks like. This is another big check in the box as we get closer and closer to pre-order and launch dates!

Please share this with teachers, parents, and caregivers of young children so they have a chance to win a copy of the book!

3 thoughts on “Book Cover Reveal!

  1. Congratulations! This is so exciting. I love to cover. The title and names flow so nicely into the illustration. And, you keep everyone in suspense with what’s under that sheet! Great job!

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