Tough Skin and Waiting Game

Take a moment to think about your favorite books. Whether they are fiction, nonfiction or children’s books, you are probably able to immediately think of at least one of your favorites. Unfortunately, you are probably just as easily able to think of some of your least favorite books.

In this world of writing, it is unbelievably important to have tough skin. Not everyone will love your work and that is ok. For me, this story on kindness is a passion project. I wish so badly to see more kindness in this crazy world and this will be one of my contributions to help spread kindness. As readers, you have the ability to be part of that journey with me and that makes me absolutely giddy.

Now, after you have your manuscript written, feedback from your beta readers, researched the publishing market, now is the time to begin submitting your work to potential publishers.

Each publisher has a different set of very specific criteria as part of their submission process. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY. Over and over again, I heard that piece of advice. If you can’t follow directions for a submission, a publisher might assume you can’t follow directions in general.

In January, I sent my manuscript to three publishers. I was sweating as I was pressing the send button because this was no longer just an idea but it was now out in the world for someone to love…or hate.

Two days after submitting, I found out about the Women In Publishing Summit from a newsletter from Maria Dismondy at Cardinal Rule Press. I IMMEDIATELY signed up for the virtual summit in hopes of gaining additional knowledge on the writing and publishing world. (There will be more about that summit later).

I then found podcast called, “PublisherHer Podcast” by Alexa Bigwarfe, the woman in charge of this Women In Publishing Summit. I listened to several of her very helpful podcast episodes that day, two of which said something along the lines of, “DON’T YOU DARE SUBMIT A MANUSCRIPT WITHOUT HAVING IT PROFESSIONALLY EDITED!”


I wanted to scream! I had JUST submitted the manuscript without doing that! I leaned into her advice and found an editor. Thank you and special shout out to Erin Marsh for being a wonderful editor. There are multiple different types of editing. She not only proof read it but also read it for content and gave suggestions. We went back and forth with the file a few times and I appreciate her time and suggestions.

I then submitted my manuscript to Purple Butterfly Press, which is an imprint of KatBiggiePress under Alexa Bigwarfe…you know, the woman with the great advice from the podcast. Now, I had to wait to hear back.

The waiting game when your work is submitted and out in the world is one of the greatest challenges.

Thank you for reading and being on this journey with me.

Extremely helpful podcast if you are on a writing journey.

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